Data Analytics & Visualization with QlikView

Data Analytics & Visualization market is expected grow exponentially as almost all organizations have started investing heavily to analyze, present and deliver actionable business intelligence from troves of data being collected.

By completing this course, you will become proficient in delivering stunning visualizations and facilitate discovery of critical and actionable business intelligence with Qlik's QlikView platform.

  • Online
  • 12 Weeks
  • $1,999.00
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Taught By Architects

Taught by practising Data Architects with practical real world scnearios.

Totally Hands-on

This intensive bootcamp rely on principles of growth mindset and deep learning.

Gamified Learning

Revolutionary goal based learning platform built with gamification and behavioral analytics.

Data Analytics & Visualization with QlikView

QlikView, known as one of the pioneers in delivering blazing business intelligence with it's enterprise class in-memory business discovery platform. QlikView's patented distributed business intelligence engine is capable of generating dynamic views of information, with its 'automagical' inference of associations between difference pieces of data and facilitate 'discovery' of critical patterns. With superior compression and on the fly data aggregation technology, business users can quickly explore, discover and analyze data at the speed of their thoughts.

By completing this totally hands-on course, you will become proficient in delivering stunning visualizations and facilitate discovery of critical and actionable business intelligence with Qlik's QlikView platform.


This intensive, totally hands-on boot camp is prepared to jump start your career in big data analytics with QlikView. By completing this bootcamp, you will become proficient in delivering stunning visualizations and facilitate discovery of critical and actionable business intelligence with Qlik's QlikView platform.


Just bring your curiosity and amaze yourself what QlikView's revolutionary platform enables you to do with data. Though, any experience with data visualization and analytics is not required, you will appreciate the blazing performance and data discovery capabilities if you happened to know or use any other tools.

  • Just your curious and inquisitive mind


Here is a list of key concepts and technologies you will learn in the program

Intro & Basic Visualizations

  • Intro to Class & Qlikview
  • QlikView Objects
  • Formatting and Settings

Data Modeling

  • Basic Data Quality
  • Star and Snowflake
  • Advanced Data Quality

Scripting & Data Transformations

  • Load Strategy
  • Scripting and Functions
  • Architecture and Section Access

Advanced Visualizations and Expressions

  • Advanced Objects
  • Variables, Expressions & Automation
  • Complex Scenarios


  • QlikView Publisher

Program Cost : $1,999.00

We currently offer scholarships for veterans, members of the US Military and select applicants qualified by our non-profit partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of most frequently asked questions about this program. If you have a question and you can't find an answer in this list, feel free to contact us right away.

Is this enough to get a job?

Yes, this program trains you on key concepts and best practices to create stunning visualizations and facilitate data discovery.

Is this the right time?

Data Analytics & Visualization market is expected grow exponentially and reach $6B by 2019. This is the perfect time to jump start your career.

How to signup?

Register for the bootcamp here. once you signup for an account, you will be able to select a particular class if multiple classes are available.

Once you enroll in to a class, you will be provided with a unique URL of the class. The same URL will be used for the entire duration of the program. If there be a change for any technical reasons, you will be notified at the earliest possible.
You can join the online class from any computer (Windows or Mac) and from most portable devices. However, it is MANDATORY to have a camera and microphone to communicate with the class. The online learning environment requires your active participation and engagement. So you must always be visible to the entire class via the camera and be able to participate in discussions.
Along with joining all classes in a week, we expect you to spend an additional 15-20 hours a week, working on your assignments, project and study the material provided.
Upon completing the program, you will be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to apply for the following roles. Click on the Job Role to see current job market for the role. You will be able to search for a given location on the page.
Yes, we will help you find a job. If you qualify, you may join our Job Readiness Program/Internship Program to get exposure and experience of working on end-to-end projects. Contact us for more information on the Job Readiness Program/Internship Programs. To those that join our Job Readiness Program/Internship Programs, we assign a personal mentor to set up a game plan not only to start your career and get that first job in the field, but also create a career blue print to advance your career.
Yes, you can pay in 2 or more partial payments. Choosing a partial payment plan, will incur an additional processing fee of $51.00. So you will require to pay a total amount of $2000.50. Please note that you must finish all your payments within 4 weeks after the beginning of the course work. In case, if you may not be able to pay the total amount within 4 weeks, you may start your first payment well before the beginning of the program.
Ocassionally we do offer early bird discounts. But currently, we do not offer any discounts.
The full program fee is due on the first day of the course work. If full fee is not paid by the end of the first day of course work, it will be considered as opting for a partial payment plan and will incur an additional processing fee of $51.00.
You can pay with your bank account, debit card, credit cards, cash or cheque. Please visit our Paypal page to make a payment using your bank account, debit card or credit cards. If you are attending a classroom session and want to pay by Cheque or Cash, please handover your payment to the class instructor. They will provide you a receipt for the payment received. If you are attending an online session, please send your cheques to our Plano office address included at the bottom of the page. Please do write your name, email address and class you would like to attend on the back of the cheque.
Yes, we can send you an invoice if you need to arrange payment from your organization. Please contact for more details.
Yes. We do offer deep discounts on the program as well as scholarships that waive the entire program fee. Please send us an email to or call us at 972-992-1024 for more details.