Team at Colaberry School Of Data Analytics is excited to host the Hour Of Code event at our premises and introduce SQL, an interactive programming language to query and manage data. Databases are crucial ubiquitous systems that help store and access data and power almost all technology that we use everyday. Your favorite social networks, those amazing apps on your phone, banks, hospitals, airports, pretty much every software system stores data in some form of a database. SQL is a universal and standardized language that will help you to manage and query data stored in those databases. Use SQL to query, analyze and summarize data to understand more about people, systems and applications. Ask pretty much anything you would like to know and reveal hidden insights from the data.

If you will not be able to join the Hour Of Code with SQL at our school on 14th December, do not worry. You can still learn about sql in an hour and about a ton of more concepts at one of the best known places for learning, Khan Academy.

13th December, 2015

Program begins at 10:00AM. Please arrive a few minutes early to settle down and get ready.

School Of Data Analytics

1750 N Collins Blvd, #222, Richardson TX 75080. See map below for easy directions.

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General Questions

10 years or older is preferred due to the nature of the program. But if you have younger but curious minds, please bring them along.

Yes. It is better to bring a laptop or iPad or similar device where you can access a browser to be able to interact with SQL. We do not encourage accessing on a Phone, though it is technically possible. If one or more of your family or friends are coming to the session, atleast have one device with you.

Yes, you are welcome to join either way. We will try to 'pair' you with others with a laptop. But we are not sure this will be possible for everybody participant. You can still learn about SQL, but you will not be able to practice fun excercises.