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Empower Your Future: Switch to a Career in Tech

Make the switch to a transformative career in Data & AI with no previous IT experience required.
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Enter the World of Data & AI with Zero IT Experience

Colaberry provides proven career pathways, offering specialized data analytics and data science programs that enable you to excel in the age of artificial intelligence. Lifelong learning and cultivating sought-after tech and human skills lead to fulfilling, well-compensated jobs in the future workplace. Built on principles of inclusivity and empathy, Colaberry welcomes learners from various economic, racial, and occupational backgrounds. Despite differences, our community shares the strength of tenacity and resourcefulness, empowering you to future-proof your career and thrive in the era of AI.

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Lucrative Oopportunites

Lucrative Opportunities

A career in tech, specifically in data and AI, offers lucrative opportunities with competitive salaries. As industries increasingly rely on data-driven insights and AI technologies, professionals in these fields are in high demand.

Innovation and Impact

Innovation & Impact

Tech roles in data and AI allow individuals to be at the forefront of innovation. Working on cutting-edge technologies and solving complex problems can be intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding.

Future-proofing your career

Future-Proofing Your Career

As technology continues to evolve, skills in data and AI remain highly relevant. Switching to a career in these fields provides a level of future-proofing, as these skills are transferable across various industries.

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Career Pathways To Success

Colaberry's programs are crafted to cultivate a well-rounded skill set, blending technical expertise in data analytics and AI with crucial human skills such as communication and problem-solving. This dual focus ensures that our learners are not only adept in cutting-edge technologies but also possess the versatility and collaborative abilities essential for a successful tech career.

data analytics

Data Analytics


Learn effective tools and strategies to become a data-driven decision-maker. Our course will empower you to derive insights from data and to tell compelling stories from your data analysis using dashboards and visualizations.

data science

Data Science


Kickstart a vibrant tech career in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence by gaining a well-rounded understanding of a wide range of data science topics and mastering new technologies.

job readiness

Job Readiness


Our globally unmatched program offers hands-on projects, mentorship, interview preparation, and more to accelerate your BI Industry career. Progress is tracked through lesson and lab submissions, ensuring success in the field.

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Colaberry Changes Lives

Colaberry stands out for its commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for career transformation.

Career Transformation

Career Transformation

Colaberry empowers career transformations through specialized programs in data analytics and AI. Learners gain the skills needed to excel in dynamic fields, unlocking lucrative professional opportunities.

Inclusive Community

Inclusive Community

Colaberry nurtures an inclusive learning space, uniting individuals from diverse backgrounds. In this collaborative community, everyone can thrive, share experiences, and support each other in their educational and professional pursuits.

Holistic Skill Development

Holistic Skill Development

Colaberry goes beyond traditional education, prioritizing both technical proficiency and essential human skills. Through hands-on projects, mentorship, and interview preparation, our programs cultivate a well-rounded skill set, preparing individuals for fulfilling and impactful careers in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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Colaberry's project-based teaching enabled me to learn critical data skills despite my busy schedule. The Colaberry community of industry experts, mentors and my peer learners was instrumental in my journey towards a rewarding and exciting career.

Kodjovi Togbey
Kodjovi Togbey
Colaberry Graduate
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Colaberry's Virtual Career Switch Open House

Join us for an interactive, Career Switch Open House Session where you'll have a chance to learn how you can switch your career in data analytics and AI. You'll learn about our programs, experience our online learning platform, and talk to our instructors and alumni.


Student Success Stories

Listen to the amazing stories of some of our distinguished alumni.



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