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In the midst of workplace automation and unemployment fears, Colaberry offers proven career pathway solutions for you to thrive in the era of artificial intelligence. Lifelong learning and the development of in-demand tech and human skills translate into well-paid, meaningful jobs in the workplace of tomorrow, and ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy a high quality of life.

Colaberry is built on the foundation of inclusivity and empathy. Our learners come from economically, racially and occupationally diverse backgrounds, yet share the power of tenacity and resourcefulness to futureproof their careers and thrive in the age of AI.
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Our Programs

Data Training

Data Analytics

Learn effective tools and strategies to become a data-driven decision maker. Our course will empower you to derive insights from data, and to tell compelling stories from your data analysis using dashboards and visualizations.
Career Support

Data Science

Kickstart your career in data science, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence by gaining a well-rounded understanding of a wide range of data science topics and mastering new technologies.

How It Works

Our data-driven, gamified, goal-based learning platform trains students on key technical skills, critical communication and collaboration skills and builds the muscle memory of a seasoned professional to deliver spectacular results on the job. We offer an inclusive learning ecosystem with the pillars of support needed to successfully change careers.

  • 1

    Learn Foundations

  • 2

    Practice New Skills

  • 3

    Create Portfolio

  • 4

    Prepare for Job Hunt

  • 5

    Land the Job!

Our training consists of two phases:


Technical Training

Begin your journey with technical training - a rigorous, hands-on, learn-by-doing program that focuses on technical mastery, professional skills, and industry fluency.
  • Gain technical skills
  • Lean industry standard tools
  • Progress with learn-by-doing approach
  • Work with real-world scenarios
  • Improve with AI-powered feedback
  • Be guided by industry-seasoned instructors

12 Weeks


Career Accelerator Program

Continue your career transformation with the guidance of our industry experts and mentors.
  • Apply your new skills
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Build a Portfolio
  • Create a strong resume
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Leverage Colaberry community of experts
  • Develop communication skills

12+ Weeks

Digital Credentials Advantage

Colaberry learners easily and securely showcase their skills and translate their learning experiences and achievements into professional opportunities and thriving careers.


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Learn from anywhere

Data Training

Live Online

Our online bootcamps are designed to provide you with effective learning that fits your schedule. You will receive access to our AI-driven learning platform, and ongoing support from industry-experienced instructors and mentors.
Career Support

On Campus

Colaberry campus is conveniently located just outside of Dallas, Texas. It features spacious classrooms and common spaces to promote collaboration and community building.
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coaching image

Our mentors help you succeed

To ensure a successful career outcome, we pair each student with a mentor based on shared career paths, professional goals and interests.

Upcoming Events

Data Training
June 15, 2023

Career Switch Open House Session - June 15, 2023

Thinking about switching to a Career in Tech and Data? Register today to learn how Colaberry can guide you to do just that!
Data Training
June 29, 2023

Internship Monthly Sprint Review

Get ready to be amazed and inspired by our upcoming Internship Monthly Sprint Review!
Data Training
June 29, 2023

Data Talent Showcase - June 29th, 2023

Data Talent Showcase

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