What Our Students Say

Frederick Demons
ETL Developer
An increase in salary was not the reason I took the course. I wanted a better work-life balance; the income increase was a cherry on top.
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Colaberry program teaches the exact skills that are required in the job market.
- Gera G.
The best investment I've made in years. This program is robust, well-guided and, most importantly, has proven to work.
- Yawo A.
Adrian Lujan
Data Engineer
I wholeheartedly recommend Colaberry. Their program is not just a promise. It works.
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Jonathan Bynder
SQL Developer
Colaberry program was my beacon of light for success.
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One of my best learning experiences! Great program with great instructors. Great for people with no prior computer experience. The curriculum is thorough and tailored to make one succeed. Would recommend it to anybody interested in Data Analytics career.
- Grace G.
This school is changing people's lives. Best experience ever.
- Martin L.
Shea Mulcahy
Analytics Consultant III
Everything about the school is great, and they are always looking to improve upon what they already have. This will be one of the best decisions you ever make!
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Mohamed Khan
Database Developer
I gained the knowledge and confidence to get a great job. Their people, process and technology approach helped me to be job ready on day one.
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The course content is structured to reflect real-work environment thereby bridging the gap between traditional classroom theories and the real job. The instructors are the best. They break down technical concepts for anyone to understand.
- Jackline M.
Colaberry School of Data Analytics is an amazing learning forum with a well-structured curriculum and seasoned instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
- Dirane N.
Addie Mack
Business Intelligence Analyst
Being required to record subject-specific videos allowed for better understanding and application of concepts. This is what separates Colaberry from any other training program or even programs in higher education.
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Mika Hopson
Senior Data Developer
I love my job. I love what I do, and I get paid to do what I love. What’s better than that? Thanks so much, Colaberry for helping me get here!
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I am in a phenomenal state with what Colaberry School of Data Analytics has done for me and my family.
- Christopher G.
This training program is rigorous, intense and a rewarding experience. I really enjoyed every minute of my time at Colaberry!!
- Isaac H.
Elvis Omboto
ETL Developer
I decided to make Colaberry a family and friends affair because it helped me advance my career and be on track to accomplish my life’s dreams! I want everyone to know that Colaberry’s education works!
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Colby Orr
Business Analyst
The soft skills, communication and collaboration skills I learned at Colaberry helped me tremendously.
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With no IT background i was able to complete this program and I feel like I’ve been in the IT field forever.
- Patrick M.
The instructors are very patient, understanding and will go above and beyond to make you understand the concepts.
- Chester J.
Maggie Wachira
Qlik Sense Developer
I absolutely love my current job, and it’s all thanks to Colaberry.
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Kodjovi Togbey
Data Services IT Manager
Their system not only helped me, but also helped thousands of others develop great communications skills.
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Colaberry School of Data Analytics is one the best places to start your career in Data Analytics.
- Ban D.